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He said that when he was a student of electric scooter

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He said that when he was a student of electric scooter, he was returning from his school on a two wheeler with his friend when they both met with an accident with a different scooter coming from the opposite direction.

Vikram Chauhan, a scientist initially refused to believe the incident and also the fact that reincarnation exists. Then someone told the couple about the village with the same name in the Jalandar District.

Thus things like reincarnation and rebirth have remained a mystery to the layman till date. Things went absolutely beyond their imagination!

As the boy became more and more insistent about his past life, his present father Ranjit Singh, took him to Chakkchela village which is in the Sangrur District and found no existence of the people or the family their son had mentioned. Now, comes the question - Is rebirth possible?

Are there any scientific bases to believe in the concept of rebirth? The idea of reincarnation is thus one of the most fascinating mysteries of existence - whether it is real or not!

A real life incident
The following incident took place in Jhansi a couple of months ago.

Since two years of age the boy made several attempts to run away from his house.

Still then, in order to take a handwriting test when the scientist himself insisted Taranjit to write a few alphabets in both English and in Punjabi as well, he did it very easily and wrote them correctly.
Taranjit's present parents were shocked on hearing the incident. As a result of that accident, he got several bruises all over his body and because of serious injuries in his head, he died the day after. Jeet Singh and his name was Satnam Singh. As per the small boy's version, in his past life he was born a village named Chakkchela situated in the Jalandar district as the son of Mr. Taranjit continued to narrate his previous life.

Ranjit Singh and his family decided to go there as well. He also narrated that the books he had in his bag were soaked with blood and he had Rs.The mystery of rebirth or reincarnation, whatever we call it, have been chasing human beings and especially the scientist, since decades. Lakhbir Kaur, his previous sister, showed him the album of her marriage and asked him to recognize himself in his previous birth.

After that incident, today Tarnjit is living with the parents of his present birth, as they refuse to hand him over to his former parents, even though they are poorer than them. But after a series of forensic, handwriting and psychological tests he said:
"I have some scientific basis to claim rebirth is possible". Over there they went to the government school, where Taranjit used to study in his previous life and came to know that it was true that a boy named Satnam had died out of an accident some years ago.
.30 in his purse. To everybody's surprise he did it instantly. A six-year-old boy, Taranjit Singh of Ludhiana, suddenly claimed that gradually he is remembering his past life. He was born in a family, where his parents were not economically strong. Understanding the emotions and feelings of the counterparts, Taranjit's previous parents also did not press their claim. Though, man has been trying to find a solution to this mystery, but conclusive evidences have constantly eluded him. Ranjit Singh and his wife.e.

After a few days, Taranjit's brother, sister, parents and the relatives of his previous life came for a visit to the place where he lives with his present parents i. Moreover, Chauhan made this statement because, in his present birth Taranjit has never gone to school as he belongs to a poor family

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