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power equipment Tap Changer

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Cylindrical Tap Selector
We are one of the widely acclaimed manufacturers and exporters of Double Bridging Tap Changer. The offered double bridging tap changer is specially fabricated using the superior grade raw materials such as copper, aluminum and bake lite. Our supplied double bridging tap changer is capable of handling a wide range of voltage fluctuations in the electrical circuit. The manufactured double bridging tap changer is tap changer is aligned in the double bridging topology.
We are engaged in offering to our clients a wide variety of Tap Changer With Bridge Type Connection. These connections fabricated using the perfect combination of high grade raw material like copper and aluminums & ultra modern technology. Our connections offer unmatched performance and therefore widespread applications across diverse industries.
We manufacture Star-Delta Tap Changer. Star-Delta Tap Changer is used to change the Transformer Connection type without dis-assembly of the transformer. The Transformer Connection can be changed from Star to Delta or vice-versa by simply changing the position on the star-delta tap-changer.
Model Explanation
W□G(Z) □ - □/□-□╳□
   W:  off-circuit
   □:  D for single phase; L for two-phase; S for three-phase
   (1+2) for single phase and two-phase
   G(Z) :  round type tap chager
   □:  voltage regulation model
   □:  rated current
   □:  rated voltage
   □:  number of tapping heads
   □:  number of tapping position
Voltage Regulation Model
   I  :  terminal point
   II :   central point
   III :  neutral point
  IV :  Y-△ conversion
   V :   series-parallel connection
  VI:   forward and backward voltage regulation    
Samples Technical Data power equipment Tap Changer
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