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Specialised Steel Wire Ropes factory

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Product technical data sheet (aircraft)
Aircraft wire rope is mainly used to control the aircraft rudder and aileron, engines, landing gear, compass needle orthotics, etc.Aircraft cable due to the use of special environment, safe and reliable and can be used for a long time, have a higher performance than ordinary steel wire rope.Such as tensile strength requirements to over 1865 mpa;According to structure and specification requirements for fatigue test under different tension.Fatigue test after the wear and tear parts should have enough strength, the breaking force cannot be lower than the steel wire rope breaking force of 50%.Aircraft cable also requires high corrosion resistance.10000 meters high-flying jet, for example, 90% of its flight time is 50 ℃ below zero.When fall fall in atmospheric conditions, the temperature changes very fast, often used in wire rope surface dew bears;Other landing in brake, engine jet flue gas flow through the aileron, auxiliary vertical wing and rudder, and the steel wire rope used has strong corrosion and pollution.Aviation wire rope varieties have single strands wire rope, organic core wire and metal core wire rope, etc.Typical structure have 1 * 19, 6, 7, 1 * 7 + IWS, 6 * 19 + IWS, 6 * 7 + NF, 6 * 19 + NF, etc.Aircraft cable materials are carbon structural steel galvanized wire and stainless steel wire.Galvanized steel wire of the uniform coating should be continuous, no crack and spalling phenomena.After inspection of raw materials, according to the technological requirements closely and neatly wrapped in conform to the provisions of the wheel, loading the stranding machine stranding, then on the laying-up machine line.Lay in addition to single strands of rope is left twist, all are right interaction twist.General made with cotton or hemp rope, and soaking in the neutral oil, or use a metal core.The lay length of wire rope should be six to eight times that of the rope, the rope and single strand steel wire in wire rope lay length should be not more than 12 times of diameter.Strand lay length and steel wire of the lay length should be uniform in its full length.The center of the strand wire diameter should be bold.Twist into a rope to oil as medium to low temperature tempering tempering treatment, in order to eliminate the twist wire rope system stress and remove the hydrogen in the electric galvanized steel wire, further, to improve aviation wire rope fatigue resistance and breaking force.

Specialised Steel Wire Ropes factory
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