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mafia city h5: It’s very easy to play multiplayer

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How to capture monsters
Capturing monsters can give you better rewards than killing them, and can also shorten a fight by five minutes or so if you are struggling. Here’s how you do it. You can craft a Shock Trap from a Trap Tool (bought from the Provisions shop back at base) and a Thunderbug. Combine Ivy and a Spider Web to craft a Net, then combine a Net and a Trap Tool to get a Pitfall Trap. You’ll also need Tranq Bombs: free gangster games,craft these from Sleep Herbs and Parashrooms. Any capture quest will give you some Tranq Bombs and a trap in the supply box, but it’s always useful to have a spare in case something goes wrong.
Monsters can only be trapped once they are weakened. You can tell a monster is in a bad way when they develop a limp, and retreat to their lairs to go to sleep. If you’ve fought a monster often enough, you will also see a skull icon next to them on the map when they’re trappable. Then, put down your trap, goad the beast into it, and throw down two tranq bombs near its head. Boom, it’s down.
Gadgets and mantles
Do not worry too much about gadgets and mantles at first. These useful things unlock as you work your way through the story and optional quests. One early-game ghillie mantle hides you from monsters, which is very useful. You’ll also pick up a health-giving gadget early in the game. More advanced versions of these tools lurk further down the quest lines. You can get familiarized with them later.

It’s very easy to play multiplayer—but monsters scale up
Just post a quest on the board and anyone can join, unless you make it a private quest. Beware though: monsters have WAY more HP when you’re hunting in a group. That extra HP will be the same whether you have two hunters or four in your party. This makes two-person fights actually more challenging than hunting on your own, sometimes. The nightmare scenario is that you start out with four hunters and two or three of them drop out, leaving you struggling on your own against a monster with masses of HP left. A patch might address this and scale the monsters’ health to the number of players, but for now, be advised.

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