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A scene from Crouching Tiger Tyler Seguin Stars Jersey , Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny Photo: IC

Just like may predicted, the sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon failed to surpass the first film or even provide any surprises.


On Chinese media review site douban, Crouching Tiger Jamie Benn Stars Jersey , Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny holds a score of 510, with around 85 percent of users giving it 35 stars or less.


A review by user Lizhi Chaoren on the site reads: "If they hadn't called it Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, I could have forced myself to give it two stars."


This wave of criticism hasn't come out of nowhere. It is mainly due to the fact that besides the invincible sword that everyone wants and some characters from the first movie Tyler Seguin Salute to Service Jersey , the sequel has little to do with the original film.


Except for Michelle Yeoh as Yu Xiulian, the cast is largely different. The director is also different. It's now Yuen Woo-ping, the action choreographer for the first film. Even the language is different. Instead of Chinese, the sequel was shot in English. More importantly Jamie Benn Salute to Service Jersey , the core values of the film are different. It is now a typical American action movie disguised as a Chinese martial arts film.


In 2000, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was nominated for six academy awards, of which it won four Cheap Tyler Seguin Jersey , including Best Foreign Film. That surprise success made it one of the most well-known Chinese-language films in the US.


What helped make the film so welcome in the Western world was its authentic oriental flavor.


Unlike most martial arts films that focus on fancy fighting skills or a characters martial prowess, Ang Lee's film delved into the psychology of its characters and how they were impacted by the time's conservative values. Lee's strength showed when it came to exploring the inner worlds of the characters.


Besides this psychological world, the fight scenes in the first film were depicted in a beautiful, poetic way. The musical score matched the fight choreography perfectly Cheap Jamie Benn Jersey , while the beautiful scenery, such as a bamboo forest, was used to bring the martial arts fighting to an all new level.


These changes from traditional martial arts films triggered numerous discussions in China that Lee's film was a martial arts film targeting Westerners instead of Chinese. It seems that the sequel has decided to keep up with and actually magnify this tradition since it doesn't seem to be targeting Chinese audiences in the least.


During marketing for the film, production teams stressed their hope that they could help Western audiences understand the philosophy of the Chinese martial arts world by linking it to American cowboy culture.


The film was shot in New Zealand Authentic Tyler Seguin Jersey , leaving the visuals look like something out of a fairy talk instead of China. To be honest, if it weren't for the Asian cast and period clothing, you might mistake the film as taking place in the same world as The Lord of the Rings. The characters look like they were designed after superheroes from comic books.


Although the film was targeted at the West, it seems that it failed to attract Western audiences as well.


On Rotten Tomatoes Authentic Jamie Benn Jersey , the film only has a 17 percent approval rating, while 47 percent of users liked it.


"This martial-arts mediocrity has airborne warriors aplenty but remains a dispiritingly leaden affair with its mechanical storytelling, purely functional action sequences and clunky English-language performances," movie critic Justin Chang wrote in an review for Variety.


Yuen Woo-ping is indeed an legendary action choreographer. During his decades long career Tyler Seguin Jersey , he has created numerous incredible fight scenes in martial arts films. From Jackie Chan's early work in Snake in the Eagle's Shado and Drunken Master to The Matrix, the Kill Bill films and The Grandmaster.


The fights he choreographed for Sword of Destiny are indeed beautiful, but as a director he lacks the ability to deftly capture human emotions.


This martial arts world is seen from the perspective of a martial warrior, and so features fighting Jamie Benn Jersey , more cruelty and the coldness of the martial arts world. Yet, the story feels shallow and lacks when it comes to portraying the inner worlds of its characters.

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