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What the Types of Argumentative Essays

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Argumentative essays are compositions which use disputable issues as subject matters. Writers usually support and expound on a particular side which they seem more feasible and substantiate it further through the use of reliable and relevant evidences.


Argumentative essays are useful tools in imparting and influencing individuals regarding the writer’s take on the different contemporary issues surfacing in the society nowadays.


Moving forward, there also exists a further sub-classification of argumentative essays that writers should take note of. These types of argumentative essays address more specific objectives that are helpful to writers. The types of argumentative essays include persuasive essays, research papers, analysis essays and personal essays. In fact, writing essays is not difficult, you just need to know how to do it correctly.


Types of argumentative essays


The first from the types of argumentative essays is the persuasive essay. Persuasive essays are the most common type of argumentative essays that most students and writers use. Writers select debatable issues as the topic of the essay and select one option they think is better than the other alternatives.


This begins with the clear indication of the side that is being supported by the writer and is further proved and validated through the use of facts, figures and analyses. After presenting the substantives, the rebuttals are also presented and addressed by the author. Writers should utilize the counter-arguments to convince the readers to support the option they are forwarding. The objective of persuasive essays is straightforward. This is to persuade the readers to support the point of view of the writer through the arguments enumerated in the composition. A small article about writing this type of essay.


Research papers are the next from the types of argumentative essays. Research papers are longer compositions which rely on external sources to substantiate the arguments. This requires more comprehensive perspective, component and examples analysis compared to other types of argumentative essays.


Unlike persuasive essays, research papers tend to be more balanced and unprejudiced in stating the arguments and counter-arguments. Authors should cite and expound the same number of arguments and counter-arguments of the main subject of the research paper. This balanced approach ensures that the readers can impartially evaluate the factors and decide which to support from the different alternatives.


Analysis essays are the third from the types of argumentative essays mentioned above. As compared to other types of argumentative essays, analysis essays concentrate in analyzing and interpreting other author’s argumentative essays. The analysis should assess the clarity of writing, persuasiveness, verification, presentation, style and grammar of the composition.


Even though an analysis essay scrutinizes other author’s composition, the writer should still take note that it is still considered an argumentative essay. This means that the writer must develop and substantiate a clear case on why or why not the essay he is evaluating is effective or not.


Personal essays complete the roster of the types of argumentative essays. Personal essays are considered the most liberal among the various types of argumentative essays. Personal essays do not require any research to substantiate the case. Writers can make use of their own opinion and justifications to build the case around the assertion that they are supporting.


Even though it provides more leeway in writing the essay, personal essays poses a difficult challenge to the writers to compose an opinionated article that can persuade other people. They should utilize compelling ideas that readers can relate to further their substantiation of the case. It is also recommended for authors of personal essays to objectively evaluate all standpoints of the matter in order to improve the credibility of their work.


In the article, I only spoke in general terms about the types of essays. Each of them is specific, and, read your essay turned out to be interesting, besides the idea, the correct structure is also important.


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