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Enhance Shape and Self-Esteem by Breast Augmentation Health Articles | February 23 Arik Armstead Youth Jersey , 2012

Breast augmentation, which is technically known as augmentation mammoplasty, can enhance the volume and shape of women's breasts if they are not happy with their body image. It is an option to better ...

Breast augmentation, which is technically known as augmentation mammoplasty DeForest Buckner Youth Jersey , can enhance the volume and shape of women's breasts if they are not happy with their body image. It is an option to better the shape, projection and symmetry of their breast. Women who have had change in shape and volume after weight loss, pregnancy or aging go for it in addition to women unhappy with the size of their chest. It is so popular that over 300,000 breast augmentations have been done in 2010 and even more in 2011. It is now the number one cosmetic procedure done in the US Ahkello Witherspoon Youth Jersey , even overtaking micro-section.

The change in fashion trends influenced the difference in what determines an attractive figure. Modern styles show a trend of big and natural looking breasts. So, women who do not feel like they have an attractive figure can go for breast augmentation. There are different types of implants: silicon and saline are the most popular among them. Silicon is back in the market 3 to 4 years after the FDA's extensive studies, which showed that it does not cause any illness like cancer. The advantage with silicon is that it does feel natural and looks more natural than saline. Also, silicon is made with a cohesive gel that is more gel type. So Solomon Thomas Youth Jersey , even if they break, the liquid doesn't leak out, but can slowly ooze out.

While considering going with this process, the patient has to assess her implant by her body type Richard Sherman Youth Jersey , height and weight. As there are many ways of doing this procedure, the shape, size, quality of skin Jimmy Garoppolo Youth Jersey , body type and mass of breast tissues are examined by the plastic surgeon, and then depending on the preferences, the type of implant is recommended. Generally, if a woman has a normal amount of breast tissue Kentavius Street Youth Jersey , then the implant should be done over the muscle. If the amounts of breast tissues are small then implant should be done under the muscle. Now a new method is being used, which is suitable for some women.

The operation is generally recommended for women who are healthy and who have realistic expectations of the procedure. But before going for it, one has to understand that Implants are not life time devices. They might need a provisional surgery to fix any complications if they occur. There are some risks involved after the surgery, and all those have to be known before going for it.

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