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Jet Boat Drive on Dock- PMS-ME

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PMS-ME, or Premier Marine Solutions, is a very popular company in UAE when it comes to water products, services and accessories. You can contact PMS-ME at Tel : +971-9-2235870 and Mobile : +971-507799201 between 9.00 am and 6.00 pm which is the time when the company is open. The office address is Fujairah Free Zone
Fujirah-UAE and there are several emails that you can use as well, such as: info@pms-me.com, ashraf@pms-me.com , ahmed@pms-me.com, a.salmi@pms-me.com. also, if you visit the website of PMS-ME there’s a contact form that can be filled right away so you skip all the other paths and get your answers as soon as possible.

asked Jan 21 in Business & Finance by EjazKhalid (700 points)

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