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How to Jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick

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The term jailbreaking refers to overcoming the software requirements so that the users can have access to some advanced features, even though the software doesn’t allow for that. They are bypassing the requirements by forcing the system to install apps which are not suitable for that version. The users often tend to use this for jailbreaking Amazon Firestick. But these following points should be kept in mind before jumping on to the process:


  • You need to download and install a third party application software ‘Kodi’ to initiate this process.
  • It can lead to violating the terms and conditions of the software
  • It can also corrupt the system internally and can be put to a threating risk


You can get in touch with the Amazon Firestick Support to understand more about the issue.


Read More: - Amazon Firestick Customer Care

asked Feb 10, 2019 in Entertainment by firestickcare (100 points)

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