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IPL Machine price

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E light IPL Machine
What is SHR?
SHR is different from traditional IPL hair removal, SHR stands for Super Hair Removal, a technology for permanent hair removal which is having a sweeping success.The system combines laser technology and the benefits of the pulsating light method achieving practically painless results. Even hairs which until now have been difficult or even impossible to be removed, can now be treated. “In Motion” represents a breakthrough in permanent hair removal with light technology. The treatment is more pleasant than with the conventional systems and your skin is better protected.
What is Elight?
Super E-light applies three core technology, IPL, RF, and epidermis cooling. It combines the advantage of IPL and RF, in one hand, the skin absorbs IPL energy selectively,and the skin also absorbs RF energy,on the other hand, the F-surface-touch cooling technology removing the discomfort and complications by high heat of IPL. Therefore, the effect and safety of E-light makes a breakthrough..
Two different design,two different color optional.
Elight handle has 5 filters with different wavelength:
480nmAcne therapy
530nmPigmentation removal
560nmSkin rejuvenation
590nmSpider vein removal
750nmHair removal
Technical SHR E-light/IPL
Energy1-50 J1-50 J
Pulse width1-20 ms0.1-20 ms
Frequency1-10 Hz1 Hz
Display10.4“colorful touch screen
Spot size8*40mm & 10*50mm
Cooling systemWater+Fans+Radiator+Semiconductor
Power supply1200w for portable
Voltage220v / 110v 50Hz / 60Hz
Warranty2 years for mchine, 1 year for handpiece
1. Pain-free Hair removal: available for different skin types and different color hair.
2. Skin rejuvenation: remove pigments, dispel freckles, cure vascular lesions (telangiectasis) , whiten skin, and shrink large pores.
3. Eliminate acne: perfect the state of the oily skin, and kill acne bacilli.
4. Skin tightening: lift skin, making it elastic and glossy.
5. Removing wrinkles.
Why choose SHR+Elight ?
1. SHR can do sliding operation.Fast treatment & perfect result.
2. Elight is multi-function handle,result better than IPL.
3. SHR+Elight 2 in 1 can reach multi-function in 1 machine.
4. Lifespan more than 400,000.00 shoots.IPL Machine price
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