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Last night, the stars

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Last night, the stars last night, today is different. The sorrowful sorrow that was full of nights was turned into a deep memory in the early days of the dawn. The sky that hangs in the sky, the erratic cloud, as if laughing at me, laughing at me now, alone and alone, swearing that "spring comes from the green, autumn to the leaves drifting zero." Flowers bloom and fall, people go to people, there is no hurdle that can't be overcome, there is no inseparable feelings. "Short long pavilions outside the short dyke, hundreds of feet of silk dreams, unlimited fans." I still remember the warmth of my love, and everything that has nothing to do with you has become unsatisfactory. The most worthy of expectation is that standing outside the station, waiting for you to return, the "red cotton powder pillows are biased, but the benefits are silent." ". Passion faded, the most beautiful cast a worldly dust, once lost, the coldest is the voice of the birds outside the window. "Seeing each other is not seen, and feelings are still ruthless." The inexplicable evolution to the present, seeing and not seeing become the heaviest proposition, leaving a trace of feelings to become the biggest unrequited love, that "come to see each other, the fate of change." Always keep a little bit of hope, I hope to see you again when I see you again, there is no change. However, after a long time, the sky is high, even if you can see each other again, can you not forget the original heart, do not change your heart? The rain of June falls on the day of April, the red of the land is broken, like a tree The blood of the ground, the weeping of this untimely gentleness. Did you really let yesterday's various things turn into a cloud of smoke? Really let yesterday's love to turn around and not to do it in the slightest? But what about doing it? I can actually say that it is a girl who is boring, I am introverted, lonely, afraid to appear in public places, must walk in the bag, must hold something in hand, do not like to take the initiative to say hello to strangers, hate each People who are greeted by songs, they are hypocritical, artificial, concealed, distorted, but I don��t often say that everyone has their own way of life. I live freely in my own little world. My parents hate me at home. When I have relatives, I don��t know how to call my uncle or aunt. I usually avoid such a situation, pretend to sleep or pretend to listen to songs with headphones Marlboro Cigarettes With Gold Band. Really, if there is no headphones in life, I will not go crazy but will die. of. I am sulking, I don��t know why I want to get together with people I don��t like, and I��m not interested in topics that I��m not interested in at all Wholesale On Newports Cigarettes. My parents always think that I��m still young and I��m not sensible. I don��t know that I just don��t want to show up, I don��t want to be bound. In fact, when I filled out the college entrance examination, I especially wanted to choose a city far away from home. It is best not to know me. No one knows my past. Unfortunately, the score is too low. I also leave the train for two hours. The process is gone Newport Soft Pack Carton, then I often do not go home, except for the cold and summer vacation, there is no place to go to the dormitory and leave me. During the holiday, I didn��t even think about going to see my parents. The students in the dormitory are gone, they smile. When you leave, you will definitely say a word when you leave. In the summer, you are good, and you have a pitiful look. I smile and I am so good. Actually, I can��t wait for them to go quickly, so I can enjoy a person��s dormitory Cheapest Ciggerette Cartons. People bother, I want to sleep when I want to sleep, I don��t want to wear clothes, I don��t want to wear clothes, I don��t want to wash my face, I don��t wash my face, I��m so happy, but I still want to be home, I want my parents to provide Taste, think about their short-term warmth to me, whether it is worth mentioning, why should I stay in love, I am really a shameful child. Most of the time I am lonely, in fact, everyone is lonely, only occasionally, that is, occasionally At that time, my loneliness will be filled by the greetings of my friends and the warmth of my family. Then I will continue my journey. I am not in a hurry. I am burning with flames and can separate the flames that I have distinguished from others. Every desperate morning, I opened my eyes, waited for the sharp reality to pierce my eyes, poked into my heart, and took my unforgettable bitterness. My 19-year-old has just ended a failed love. It is like a nightmare. Every time I think about it, my own sillyness will make me hate. The woman in love has no brains to tell. It is deceived by the man who plays the routine. The cute eyes still show the touch and attachment, the disgusting My face has made me unable to forgive myself so far, and then I began to disbelieve any men I met. They are concealed, deceitful, and know how to swear. I am afraid that I am in the world. I lost my soul and just stopped contacting, so I became more lonely and went to college to know that you have to have the skills to mix in school. You must not only be talented, but also have wisdom. You have to know how to be addicted, know how to be flattering, know how to speak good, know too much that I don��t have birds at all Buy Us Marlboro Online, I am not surprised at all. I watched them desperately for the ink on their resumes. I thought, this is over. My competitors are too damn, I have to find a job, but more often I am too lazy to manage these. My 19-year-old, I started to precipitate, I seem to be older than others. It��s faster to have an innocent dream, or to return to the reality of cruel dog blood. My 19-year-old is actually the same as everyone else, and I want to be different from most people.

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