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A few days ago,

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A few days ago, I walked and chatted with my friends on the playground. Later, I was tired and sat on the open space of the playground. She talked about the feelings of high school. When the time was high, he accepted a boy who chased her in the previous class. The boy did not work hard. She was the squad leader in the class, studied seriously, and had good grades. Of course, these are not so important for the two children who were in love at the time. Only, after the story, the boy told her that you only know how to learn, we broke up... Soon, the boy and another girl in the class talked about love. She said that when they sat behind them, they could see the movements of both of them... In fact, it was very uncomfortable. The friend also said some of the status quo of the two people after the end of the college entrance examination, and when the hate and the imbalance in the heart were sitting opposite Cigarettes Marlboro 100'S, the expression on her face was clearly seen. Dear girl, okay, those are gone, you have already come over these roads, and your heart has already been put down. And I, at that moment, understand more clearly that we are more or less hurt in youth, not just that you have had such a painful experience. I want to ask myself when I am 15 years old. At that time, you have to fold yourself. But I know that many things that seem normal in their twenties are really heavy at that age, they are very painful and they are very heavy. I don��t know if you saw this article. What is the age? If you are already in middle age Best Online Cigarettes Newport, it is considered a childish language of a child. If you are in the youth of a teenager, then Marlboro Red Extrea Shorts, dear child, I want to tell you that now you feel that you will pass by one day. Your future is so beautiful. Smile is the cheapest and most precious asset in the world. Just as the ginseng in the "White Snow Song sent the judge to return to Beijing" in the words of the ages Newport Cigarettes Coupons Online Free, "suddenly like a spring breeze, thousands of trees and pear blossoms." Smiling, without the cost of money, has produced a lot of influence. A smile is very fascinating, and I smiled and smiled. Smile, there are many meanings in life: it is encouragement when others encounter difficulties; it is appreciated when others are successful; it is friendly when they are connected with others; when they help others Printable Carton Newport Cigarette, there is always warmth in life. Too many people, too many things, or too many difficulties and too many obstacles, but we never lose the heat and enthusiasm for life, always face it with a positive and optimistic attitude, then it will give back You are more "smile life is a mirror. When you face this big mirror, what do you show, what it will present to you. So, you must say: I want to smile for life. Then, what I get will be a smile. From now on, please smile at yourself. The smile strengthens our attitude, and the best expression of the heart is to smile when interacting with others. A high-quality People, highly educated people always have a smile on their faces. This kind of smile is not only the self-confidence of their own charm, but also the embodiment of their own good education. Smile, let others feel your affinity, your charm And even reflect your personal character. From now on, please smile at others. Smile brings you closer to others, the most obvious manifestation of temperament in this gray world, the rapid development of industry, we get too much At the same time, I lost too much. I got material wealth and lost spiritual wealth. People's living standards are constantly improving, but their smiles are less and less. However, do you want to experience a pure time? A boring life of Tao Qian's "Under the Chrysanthemum East, and I can see Nanshan leisurely", then you will realize the beauty of life. From now on, please smile at the world. Smile changes the world, is the world's most The rich Yan Bing will block, the water will cover the earth. All things I smile face to face, those things that exist or do not exist, pass quietly in your smile, have passed away now, do you still smile at you? Please show your white teeth, bend your mouth and let the world fill this "spring"!

asked May 12, 2019 in Arts & Humanities by ylq (100 points)

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