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Today is the second d

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Today is the second day we arrived, classmates, guess what I am going to do? Tell you! It��s going to ski the sun and it��s looming, we��re leaving. To be on the safe side, two navigations were used, one for car navigation and one for brother's mobile navigation. The result was unexpected. The two navigation routes were different. Everyone was blinded, or the mother proposed to turn off one. This did not turn around. Dad said that this is the reason to "wear a watch to know the time, wear two watches instead of knowing the time" to the ski resort. I am very excited. I quickly wear snowshoes and skis for skiing and start to slip. Oh! Yes, I want to introduce you to the ski resort! How can I forget it, then let's start talking! The name of the ski resort we came here is Yongnian Foshan Ski Resort Cigarettes For Sale. It was built last year. It is the largest ski resort in southern Anhui. It is divided into primary, intermediate and advanced slides. Intermediate and advanced slide pens are steep. Steep, it must be very slippery on the top. I skated first. This time I was skiing for the third time, so I slipped twice and the technique was very skilled. My father, my mother, my brother, and I went to the middle class. This intermediate snowy road is almost straight down. We stand at the place of departure and look at the snowy road Marlboro Cigarettes, and we feel terrified. My brother took courage, the first one started. He didn��t slip for a long time and sat down with a buttock. He even climbed down the ground, God! This is not to ski Carton Of Cigarettes, but to wrestle and practice the iron head! I slid hard on my scalp, and the speed was getting faster and faster. The wind whistled from my ear. A brake didn't stop, and I threw a big heel at the plunge Newport Cigarettes. It made me feel embarrassed Marlboro Gold. I want to get up, the slope is too steep, the snowboard is too slippery, just stood up, it slipped again, tried several times without success, I was a little discouraged. At this time, my mother fell down next to me. My mother looked at me with encouragement and said, "You can do it! You can stand up by yourself! Let's cheer together!" I took the courage to try again and again. Once, I finally succeeded. My mother voted for me. I am very happy. Although this slide has not been successful, I can��t try it. I know that the child I climbed up is always stronger than the child who is picked up by my mother. I must bravely face the difficulties and go forward! When I have trained the technology, I will come again.
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