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At this time of the

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At this time of the year, when the spring breeze begins to blow, we know that there is a special day to come. There is a great story to tell people again, people once again began to reflect on the thoughts of the great man and wanted the great man to learn. That special day is March 5, the man is Lei Feng. At this time, people will say: "The thirsty uncle Lei Feng came back to listen to his grandparents and said: "The spirit of Uncle Lei Feng has inspired two or three generations of people. Uncle Lei Feng does not leave a name for good things. We follow the long stream and look for the trail of Lei Feng. Uncle Lei Feng, where are you?�� Xiaoxi said: ��Yesterday, you used to pass by here, holding the lost child and braving the drizzle. Hey, the footprint on the muddy road is the footprint he left behind. We went to his army and looked for the trail of Lei Feng. Uncle Lei Feng, where are you?�� The old man said: ��Yesterday, he quietly sewed the clothes and quilts of his comrades in the army and worked hard for the troops. Hey, the needle thread on the quilt, that is what he left behind... Now we are the light of the new century, we have the vitality of the rising sun, we have more advanced technology than 40 years ago, Advanced living conditions, we also have better conditions to learn Lei Feng, how should we learn Lei Feng? Do not habitually take Lei Feng's "good things" standard to do good things, to ask all people. In the hearts of a thousand people, there will be a thousand people��s image of Lei Feng Wholesale Cigarettes. In life, we don��t spit and don��t litter. We can lend a helping hand when people around us need help. We can grasp the treasure. Some very ordinary things like time is also learning Lei Feng spirit Newport 100S. Learning Uncle Lei Feng is a spirit of learning and teaching in elementary school, so that this spirit can be carried forward in our ordinary study and life! As long as everyone is like Lei Feng, then our world will be even better. We hope that we will not say it every year Marlboro Cigarettes. "Uncle Lei Feng is back", let Uncle Lei Feng stay with us forever! We have not forgotten you Carton Of Cigarettes, we will keep you in mind, "Learn Lei Feng's good example, hard and plain, never forget, willing to be a revolutionary screw, collectivism Light, collectivism and radiance. Learn from Lei Feng's good example, Chairman Mao's teachings, heart and soul for the people, communist morality and noble, communist morality and nobleness!" This lyric has no gorgeous words, but I believe, Lei Feng The spirit will always accompany people through the spring, summer, autumn and winter, and walk through the beautiful time of radiance, and will never disappear Parliament Cigarettes.
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