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Trials Rising's Post-Launch Content and Expansion Pass Revealed

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Ubisoft has revealed its post-launch plans for Trials Rising, which will include a range of content delivered via the Trials Rising Expansion Pass, as well as a series of free Events and Seasons to ensure the game stays fresh. Trials Rising's Expansion Pass promises new locations across the United States and Southern Hemisphere, with a total of 55 new tracks in the pipeline.


Trials Rising will be bursting onto Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC come 26th February 2019, pushing the latest iteration of the gripping Trials motorcycle series to the forefront of gamer’s minds. This will see Ubisoft RedLynx, the Helsinki-based studio, returning with Trials Rising, as they attempt to bring the biggest and most compelling sequel of the franchise to date.


This means they are combining the acclaimed classic gameplay with a fresh new look, a ton more competition and the usual over-the-top action that has previously been highly praised by fans. You can add in to that a load of all-new features with Trials Rising too – ensuring that the latest title in the series may well be the best yet.But it’s not just launch day that Ubisoft are interested in and today they have revealed details of their post-launch plan, something which has the Trials Rising Expansion Pass front and centre of the action, along with free Events and Seasons that will be found keeping the competition alive. You can buy cheap Huge Acorn Pack at mmocs.com by using the code “MMOCSVIP” for a 3% discount.


Trials Rising Sixty-Six – Expansion I: Cruise and crash along Route 66 to experience the splendor that is the Land of Opportunity with new tracks and new Contracts. Taking inspiration from one of America’s favorite pastimes, football, this DLC includes items such as a football helmet, shirt, pants and cleats so players can cross the finish line in a sporty fashion.


Pre-order bonuses are also a thing and should you wish to drop your cash right now, will find that the Jungle Rider Pack, in which players can go wild in a gorilla suit and bike camouflage, and the Wild West Rider Pack, which features a cowboy outfit and a rodeo headlight, will be yours. Each pack includes five items for your rider and one item for your bike.What are you waiting for? Hit up a digital store right now and get the money for Trials Rising invested asap. The big question is, will Rising be as good as Trials Fusion?

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