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How to create web sites for others?

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I registered at 99 styles plus a few of the jobs request you to create web sites for the others. How can you do this? Do you develop a site for them or provide the a html code? Aid!
asked Apr 27, 2013 in Programing by JessicaBeck (140 points)

1 Answer

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1. Gather all of the info they prefer to exhibit
2. Team it under 5 to 6 main issues
three. Approximately do the employee communications the way the demonstration could be. This period could be on the document or a panel
4. You can now pick a means to build up the site. There are lots of simple methods.
-> a. download any html editor and use it
-> w. use any additional accessible free themes by modify this content for the demand
-> d. create html or any other signal as your own
5. You then have to add the signal on any free internet server room to start
6. Then simply own oneself to the host entry, should you don't want as part of your company to give the signal and just provide the web link. If too you then may reveal the host user entry details the arrangement would be to provide the signal details

answered Apr 27, 2013 by RandolphLalonde (180 points)

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